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It's your chance to have new friends, form bonds with people who live in New York and come from all over the world. Broaden your horizon and enrich your life and intellectual curiosity. Attend luncheons, workshops, and enjoy networking sessions. Becoming a member will allow you to:

- Establish enduring relationships

- Learn from speakers and members and inspire others

- Connect and network with people from the international community

- Ignite your philanthropic spirit and help create opportunities for others

- Engage in non-profit and development  projects in the community targeting the underprivileged


Welcome to Islamic Heritage Inc. We welcome new members. Please complete the application and payment forms below.  If you are renewing your membership, please log-in to your profile below.

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57 West 38th Street 10th Floor Suite 1010 New York NY 10018 

Islamic Heritage Society is a 501(c) non-profit organization

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