Islamic Heritage Society (IHS) is a cultural and social organization, which engages members of the New York community, local citizens and diplomats, providing them with a vehicle to showcase, exchange, and preserve their history and culture through networking events, workshops, cultural and social events. Members are able to collectively serve the world at large by providing aid and social services to recognized charitable causes around the world. IHS aims to foster a better understanding among people of the Muslim faith and other religions and nurtures enduring friendships among people of all religions, races, and backgrounds. We are a registered UN DPI.NGO since 1993.


President's Message


Sahar Hajjar

Saudi Arabia



  We are a society of diverse individuals from far away countries bounded by the same ideals and principles. I invite     you  to join our       lovely community and enrich your life. You are welcome to begin exploring upcoming events, be   inspired by our speakers' fascinating   topics, embrace diversity and learn from each other.

 It is a very exciting time to be in a leadership role with IHS. Ideas dreamed in the gardens of immigrants from many   different Muslim countries have been realized . To be accepted and cherished in the United States has been their   blessing.

  In 2019-2020 IHS will expand to reach communities where mutual respect will flourish as joint events take place.         We   will explore       local communities and connect them with our international groups. We look to partner with   non-   profits, businesses to share knowledge and foster unity to promote the voice of local organizations on issues   important to non-profits. Our goal is to increase our members' satisfaction and enhance our diversity as we expand   our horizons.


                                                                                             Board Members


 Sahar Kabeil               Laila Hilale

 Egypt                             Morocco             

Vice President              Vice President                                                                                       


  Hacer Marin                Fauzia Habib-Uddin                                                 

  Turkey - USA                Pakistan - USA 

  Treasurer                      Secretary                                          


  Didi Beydoun               Soad Al-Otaibi                                             

   Lebonan - USA             Kuwait                                            

   Events                            Event Chair



 Taouaf Abdelouahab     Miriam Khiari                                 

 Morocco                            Tunisia                                                   

 Event Co-Chair                Events


 Dina Madani               Azza Hakim

 Saudi Arabia               Egypt

 Communications       Communications

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