Islamic Heritage Society (IHS) is a cultural and social organization, which engages members of the New York community, local citizens and diplomats, providing them with a vehicle to showcase, exchange, and preserve their history and culture through networking events, workshops, cultural and social events. Members are able to collectively serve the world at large by providing aid and social services to recognized charitable causes around the world. IHS aims to foster a better understanding among people of the Muslim faith and other religions and nurtures enduring friendships among people of all religions, races, and backgrounds. We are a registered UN DPI.NGO since 1993.


The Interim President

President's  Message  

Dear Members and Friends, 

As the Interim President, I am deeply honored and proud to welcome you
all to the Islamic Heritage Society (IHS).  It is an organization with
a rich legacy which dates back half a century. Moreover, it consists
of members with exceptional talent who unite to accomplish great
things on behalf of the UN diplomatic community and New York at large.

IHS continues to evolve over the years and your help and involvement
are invaluable in order to sustain its progress. This Society aims to
fulfill the promise made by its founders to continually work towards
the successful implementation of its mandate.  It does so, by
providing events and programs that are of interest to the UN community
and to many New Yorkers.

During my tenure, my goal is to expand our membership base, enhance
our fundraising ability and widen our influence by making significant
strides in the following areas:

- Make a sustainable impact within New York society and within the UN
diplomatic family through our presence.
- Harness our heritage, leverage our influence towards positively
impacting the lives of historically underprivileged people and

At the same time, we aim to make all of the above engaging, educational, 
and fun.

Most Sincerely,


           Her Excellency Mrs. Randa Mohamed Salama Ahmed

          Spouse of the Permanent Representative of the Arab Republic of Egypt



 Randa Ahmed


  Interim President


 Fadwa Gallal


 Vice President                                                                           


 Hacer Marin

 Turkey - USA



  Fauzia Habib-Uddin                                                 

  Pakistan - USA 



  Miriam Queslati Khlari                                         


  Event Chair

  Didi Beydoun

  Lebanon - USA



   Taouaf Abdelouahab                                      



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